Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lazy Girl Skin Care

Here is the thing. Before learning about skin care, I was the laziest of them all. Only wore sunblock to the beach. Went to tanning beds. Often left makeup on overnight. Rarely washed my face in the morning.

I could not be bothered.

So, I learned a few things. And the threat of aging too quickly kicked me in the butt. 90% of sun damage happens before you're 18! What?! Why do they not teach you this when you're young?!

Luckily, there are easy measures to slow down and slightly reverse some of the damage.

Like I said before, I was super lazy with my skin care. Honestly, I still am. So I have come up with a routine to combat my laziness.

1. Make it simple. I went into detail about all of my skin care products here. Although that blog post does not seem simple, let me break it down for you here. As you may know, I have an obsession with coconut oil. Yes, the benefits are amazing. BUT, it is also the easiest way to wash you face! Rub it on, take off with warm to hot wash cloth. No messy bubbles getting everywhere, or water running down your arm are all over your shirt. I do this twice a day. Then a spray toner from Lush and a skin oil to moisturize. Takes MAYBE five minutes.

2. Understand what products do. Someone recommends a product to you. You buy it, never use it. Why? You have no idea what is actually does or how to use it. Sure, there are usually instructions. But what does it all mean? First, you have to know your skin type. Are you oily, dry, combination, dehydrated? Unsure, here is a full list, and a thorough skin quiz. **Disclaimer** I have never heard of or used their products.** Then, use products for your skin type.

I have a ton of products that have been sitting collecting dust. So, I finally looked at them to understand how often I could use each. This has helped a lot. Now, when I shower, I will throw on a quick mask before hopping in. There are cleansing masks. Here is one that I have been loving. You rub it on your face, leave for 5 minutes and rinse. I find that I will do more skin care in the shower, so this is always the time I do the extra things.

I also exfoliate three times week. Once a week is with a chemical peel, but the other two times will be in the shower. Sometimes I use my Clarisonic to exfoliate. While other times I might use a mechanical exfoliant like this one from Lush. **NOTE** Do not over exfoliate! If you have sensitive skin, use gentle exfoliating products 1-3 times a week. Exfoliating DOES NOT clean your skin more. Exfoliating is used to remove extra dead skin. You CAN exfoliate too much and irritate your skin, causing problems including break outs. When I break out I either keep my routine exactly the same or am more gentle with my skin. Using oils on your skin will actually help break outs to heal more quickly and lighten potential scars.

3. Routine. Once a week I take extra good care of my skin. Typically on a Sunday morning before Bianca is awake. I apply a mask for my skin type, followed by a chemical peel. Some companies carry chemical peels at a lower concentration. However, if you are looking for a full strength product, book weekly or monthly appointments with an esthetician. Often, you can find a deal for regular appointments.

Email me at to ask questions of book facial appointments or skin care lessons. 

It's not about looking 20 years younger, but about aging gracefully. 

Break Down
Daily - cleanse am/pm, toner, moisturizer, sunblock am.
Weekly - give some extra lovin'.
Periodically - cleansing masks before shower.

Good luck!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Long Time No Type

To say it has been a while is an understatement! Planning got crazy, and I just didn't want to talk about it. Weddings can be all consuming!! But here I am, alive, and ready to tell the tale of how I got my life back. 


Instead of robbing me of all dignity and money, Vegas gave me life again! At one point I looked at Bianca and realized how much fun I was having, how little we were talking about the wedding, and that everyone we were with will also be wedding guests. 

Being engaged is NOT about planning a wedding. 

Sure, things have to get done to get the day of your dreams. But it's also about the new path you and your love have created. Is this path going to be one stress and argument after another? Or are you going to live your life and also be a part time planner? Unless your engagement is super short, things will get done when they need to. Hiring a coordinator is worth every penny!! Learn as you go, enjoy the process, and compromise. It only happens once!

We went to Vegas during Halloween and dressed up all three nights. One of our costumes: dinosaur and cave woman. 


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day one

WARNING!! Some bodily functions will be discussed- that's the nature of this beast. I will do my best at being polite about it. 

Green smoothie
Skinny Mint Teatox morning burst
Fruit and nut bar
Two bites of frosting
Left over Thai food
Egg muffin
Asian Pear
Greek yogurt based chicken salad cup
Chipotle salad- no beans, extra meat. 
Sleepy time/detox tea (not Skinnymint teatox) 

Day one. Done. And I feel pretty happy about it! I made a solid attempt at drinking more water. I think I did because I was peeing all day! The morning tea definitely gave me a good amount of energy, which I need since I work with children, but no sweats or anxiety like coffee can do to me. I also drank the night time tea last night and definitely felt "empty" after dropping the kids at the pool. 1/56 days complete!!